what are the ideals conditions for synfig??????

thats my question what are the ideal conditions for synfig to be more stable??? what operating sistem, what hardware, what things should stay close: firefox, utorrent??? etc…

is just that i have like 10 crushes per hour and is just irritating to lose work/time all the time (please no offense)

thank you!!

Linux and latest svn revision.
Can you provide a recipe to reproduce the crash?
If it is an old bug I can only recommend to upgrade or update. If it is a still remaining bug we are pleased to try to reproduce it.
There are some known bugs that are not fixed. See:
sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=75 … unc=browse
Adding bug trackers allow others to try to reproduce/fix them.


If you haven’t restricted Synfig to a single processor, that would certainly help.

synfig.org/FAQ#Can_I_do_anything … gstudio.3F


i have windows and ubuntu, in windows i work, in ubuntu i tried to install it but i couldnt (even following the instructions :stuck_out_tongue:) not even with the 2 debs that are on the packaging section of the forum. and as i clearly dont know that much of pc, i dont think i could use the svns :stuck_out_tongue:, unless there is a detailed guide for me to use :stuck_out_tongue:

i believe its because my old pc :stuck_out_tongue: FuCk iT!!, but here are the most repeated crashes:
-when i open the nicolesaltitos.syfz sometimes it does not even open, it crashes while it tries to open it
-when i get concentrate and manipulate the vectors too quickly in just a couple of secs
-when i close a file, and there is no other file open, (most of the time , if i left a blank file open and close the other file, it does not crash, but sometimes it does, most of the time this happen if i close a file of a big size… but sometimes is for everyone)
-sometime when i change the location of a vertex and the preview render hasn´t been completed
-when i travel throw the timeline with the mouse
-sometimes, i´m not doing anything and just happens :open_mouth:

this are not crashes, just weird things
-i dont know why, but sometimes when i delete a keyframe, the icon for the keyframe still remains, but the keyframe is succesfully removed, if i save it and reopen the file, the icon is not there anymore, and if i start working in other part this turns out to be really confusing.
-sometimes if i press the right button of the mouse over a keyframe, the menu doesn´t appear, the weird thing is that sometimes is for all the layers and sometimes is for a especific layer
-sometimes when i press the right button of the mouse on the layer window, i get a weird menu i believe is the same normal menu but in a small scale

i work with the latest version

how i can do this???

i dont have 2 cores :cry:


You have to register into sourceforge.net and enter in the site of synfig in sourceforge. Then select the Tracker>Bugs and add a new one, filling the best that you can all the fields.


Provide recipes to reproduce the bugs is important. Those “random bugs” are very difficult to emulate and to fix because sometimes they are due to hardware conditions and we cannot reproduce exactly the same environment in our machine.

Reporting bugs would helpto make synfig a better program.

Which Ubuntu do you use? I can help you on install it from sources anyway. I’ve done it since Ubuntu Edgy without problems so (knowing how much newbie I am with linux, anyone can install it)
Please try to follow the Build Instructions and open a new thread showing us where did you got stopped.


i was thinking that maybe it would be more helpful to have a screencast of the problem, is this more helpful or not??

If the crash is related to something noticeable in the screencast yes. Or if the screencast would help us to reproduce the crash.