Werewolf source files

Would it be possible to post the source files for the Werewolf movie? I’m experimenting with Synfig and Cinelerra (for splicing the pieces together) and wanted to try creating a hi-res wide-screen version of both Prologue and Werewolf. Thanks!

Source code for prologue is available from http://synfig.org/files/voria/prologue.zip with the understanding that you use it for educational use only, do not distribute the source or distribute modified renders.
The source for werewolf has not been made available to my knowledge. You might try emailing Robert Quattlebaum to see if he’s willing or able to make it available.


Hi! im new here, im llloking for the same info. need the sources. any news about this?

thnks! :confused:

Nope, no news

Just emailed darco about it, will post here if he gets back to me.

darco said: “I’ll try to dig it up for ya.”

Will post more info as it becomes available.


darco dug it up and I’ve put it on the site, see the gallery page.

Please note that it is for educational use only, DO NOT modify or distribute it.

Understood about it being for educational purposes only. I’m learning Synfig and trying to figure out how they achieved that 3-D-like effect as the werewolf turned his face towards the camera. Thanks again for posting the source!