waypoint duplication trouble.

Hi. There seems to be some sort of problem when duplicating way points. I know I know, I said something similar before the new interpolation method, but this problem is still present even with clamped. I duplicated a encapsulated character off of a keyframe so that I could put him in another one ahead, but it came out kinda jumbled. This happens sometimes, but not all the time.

I tried a little experiment though. duplicated the keyframe instead, but it came out just fine. But I had to delete that one that I had there and it messed up my animatics =( Its’ all good though. It was only one .png file.

How do i view the curves? when I click the panel, nothing shows up, even when a layer is selected.


Usually we can fix bugs better if they are repeatably and if the needed file is simple. Please try to narrow the recipe to reproduce the problem and provide a sample file to play with.

You have to select one parameter to see its curve(s).

I’ve tried to make a replicate that problem in a simple file, but I was unable. Though, it happened in this project again but the problem is really noticeable. I will tell you where.

  1. open shot 3 encapsulation, then Knockout Shot 3. Knockshot 3 is where I am having the problem.

  2. Go to Frame 6s 12f keyframe. Notice how this looks.

  3. now go to 8s 3f keyframe. It looks a mess. I think I’m gonna puke. (kidding. this is a joke.)

I duplicated the encapsulated waypoint at 6s 12f at 8s 3f keyframe. I didn’t think I would have to remake the keyframe because it worked before. Also, I’ve tried deleting the waypoint at that keyframe and re-adding it, but it was a no go. I’m going to duplicate the keyframe instead of the encapsulation this time to see if it works.

Okay, if I delete the whole keyframe I’m having trouble with, then duplicate the one I want in its place, it works. This is good for now, but it may be a problem if I have multipule things animated on a keyframe that I need.
Activots ep1 s1.sifz (215 KB)

That’s the good and bad of keyframes: they are for the whole canvas.

I’m having problems duplicating waypoints for Advanced Outlines.

The problem is the vertice positions are copied correctly, but the tangent data is not being copied. If you do not start animating a tangent position until halfway through a series of keyframes you do not have a way point on the first key frame for that tangent position.

Then, if you try to duplicate the frames from the first position in a cyle to the end, no tangent data is copied.

If you are duplicating a waypoint, and the waypoint tangent data at the destination keyframe is different to the waypoint tangent data at the source keyframe, a waypoint should be created for tangent data at the desitination keyframe even if one does not exist at the source keyframe. The same should really apply to vertice data.

Of course, this is easily avoided if you create at least three keyframes before you begin and have an end keyframe in place.
tangent-duplicate.sif (36.3 KB)

When you copy a waypoint you copy a waypoint. If there is not waypoint on the source frame for certain parameter then nothing is copied. How can Synfig decide what to copy and what not to copy if there is not a waypoint there? If at the source frame, the color has a different value than the color at the destination frame, should it add a waypoint? Copy waypoint of a BLinePoint is not to copy the blinepoint’ value (vertex, tangents, width, etc) from that frame on a destination frame. It is copy the collection of existing waypoints of the blinepoint (vertex’s waypoint if there is any, tangent’s waypint if there is any, etc.) to the destination. The waypoints of complex items (Linkable ValueNodes, Canvases parameter or common parameter of a set of layers) are just a collection of existing waypoints at a certain frame. That’s all.

What you need (and it is not coded) is that it were possible to copy the value of the blinepoint (the whole value) in a destination frame. It would create a set of waypoints (one for each blinepoint’s subparameter) regardless if the subparameters at the source frame are animated or not.

Another thing really needed is a “Add waypoint” action for the selected layers. Currently there is a “Add waypoint” action for parameters but it is available only if the parameter is animated. That new “Add waypoint” for layers would be a good help in combination with the current keyframes thing.


Yes please!

Definitely yes please!