Walking Puma test

Hi everyone,

So I finally completed my first test animation! It was fun to do even if I screwed so many things in there…

It’s a simple cut-out animation. There’s no any frame-by-frame and most all that you see is done by rotating and translating layers. The background looks awful and head turning at the end looks pretty messed up, but I simply can’t do better at this moment :frowning:

You can watch it here: youtu.be/XsGuz5E_pTo

Thanks much for your support, I really like Synfig software. Need to research it a little more deeply, though.

It is quite good to be the first one! Specially, four walks are quite difficult to achieve.
Very nice the textures and colors.

For the next time, try to move the body/head slightly up and down to match the walk.

nice first try, congratulations!
good job on the colors, whas this hand drawn?

for the walk I like to use reference cards such as renegadestudios.deviantart.com/a … -150119609 . putting good key poses as temporary background image to locate the body parts is enough, as Synfig can then do the interpolation (tweening) pretty well.

I like Preston Blair’s explanations on walks: minyos.its.rmit.edu.au/aim/a_not … ce_02.html

for the next time you may wanna look at the pace of body & legs to make sure the animal does not “glide”: when a foot is on the ground it stays at the same place until it lifts of.

keep it up!

I like the Puma. Overall nice colors and textures. Well done. Background is not awful, maybe a bit fuzzy. Headturn “turned” :unamused: out ok, I think. The only thing that bothers me is the gliding. Looking forward to more of your work.

Wow, thanks you all for the good critiques! I see that “gliding” is my main problem for now.


It was hard to get the positions of legs/paws right, but thanks to Synfig it was quite easy to animate. The walking cycle consists only of 4 keyframes that was copied over the rest animation 8)


Yes, both puma and background were drawn by hand using Bamboo pen&touch and MyPaint (version 1.0.0) program.
Thanks for a bunch of links. In a future, I plan to do something antropomorphic and the links (especially one to the minyos site) will be very useful. And the link to dA has two extra dots in the end, so it doesn’t open by clicking on it.

Next, I want to do some animated background with wind, snow, shadow and light effects. Actually, I wanted some of those effects (wind with grass shaking) into this animation, but failed…