Visual feedback on transformations

I have a suggestion that I think will help with transformations. I really like the grouped transformation handles in ver 1.0, it’s just that when rescaling an asset I have no idea what size it’s going to be when I release the handle. The dashed box between the handles is almost useless. I think it would be a great help if a dashed box appeared at the edge of the asset being transformed (or use the box that already appears), and scaled with it during the transformation. Or the asset scaled in real time.



I see that Ivan is working on real time editing in the latest update. So yay! But a nice temp fix would be to have the bounding box scale. :wink:

I find myself scaling and rescaling to often too using the group transformation widget, although I think the tool itself is pretty awesome. Getting real time feedback of the image you are scaling much like the original scale tool would be great.

That would be one of the benefits of have OpenGL rendering working.

I honestly don’t know exactly how OpenGL will bring the better performance but if that’s so, i’m in for it!! :smiley:


OpenGL is the new Cairo!
Everything is better with OpenGL at your side!.. enjoy OpenGL… following the manual…

Just a relief