Visibone like palette


I just made a palette for synfig based on a visibone one for gimp… A tiny issue is that palettes in synfig display in 12 columns instead of 16…

Hope it’ll be useful…

Previously Attached File removed for now…

It is pretty useful. Under which license would you release this palette?
Also, there are two groups of three 0 0 0 1 colors in the middle of the palette, are them intentional?
Thanks anyway for the contribution to Synfig’s palettes.

should i upload the tango one?

Why not?


Glad it can be of any use !

Actually I based the palette on the one you can find here :

I’m not too skilled in matters of licenses, but as I can see from the above link :

I guess I should then reorder the color order so that it doesn’t reproduce the original patterns …

As for the color codes, I did notice that Synfig keep colors with rounded values, which means colors are slightly differents in the palette file than the html codes inputs. That means
original colors from the visibone swatches for gimp are not the same as in the palette I uploaded. I don’t know if I make myself clear…

I’m going to change the palette’s pattern, then I’ll re-upload it under a license that fits synfig studio’s one…

Which one would be fine ?

It is not the color value but the gamma settings inside Synfig.

There is not specific rules for the Synfig’s palettes licenses. If you create a palette from your own you can release it with any license you like. If you derived the palette values from other place, you should release the created palette with a license compatible with the sources you derived the created palette. If the palette is not going to be distributed with the Synfig’s code (which is the most probably that would happen) you don’t need to consider the Synfig’s license in any case at release time.


I opened this post regarding palettes I uploaded.

As for the visibone like one, I’ll try to get in touch and ask them if it’s okay, then update this post.

Hmm interesting. :open_mouth:
Never thought that it could have been used like this :smiley: