visibility and amount


making an object invisible has proved to be a tiring thing… it is time-consuming as i have to reduce the amount to 0 in every frame. because the amount doesn’t stop increasing till the object becomes visible again.

is there a way to make things go faster? like for example setting the amount to 0 example from f12 to 3s 25f ?


Check you interpolation methods. It sounds like you’re effectively ‘key-framing’ the amount value every frame. It should be possible to just set a key frame at the start and end of invisibility. When you edit a frame make sure that you take note of the keyframe locking icon (

This is what I was looking for. Many thanks :slight_smile:

I have tried to follow all the instructions you gave me, but alas, nothing worked…the object gets invisible then 2 or 3 frames later, it is visible again! :unamused:

There must be one keyframe around and the lock keyframes status is creating waypoints on it.
Right click the Amount parameter and select “Disconnect”; it will remove all the animation from the parameter. It would allow you to start over.