Video Tutorial For Version 0.63.05

I left this message a few minutes ago (long enough ago to have it appear on the forum), but it hasn’t appeared so I’m doing it again.

I am a Synfig newbie and I have difficulty when there is a difference between my software and what I see on the screen. Is the software right? Is this tutorial right? It is especially frustrating when there are several versions, all different, as to how to begin with basic animation. I love the software, look forward to using it, but, please, where do you keep the tutorials that go to 0.63.05. I prefer the videos but will settle for the printed page. :frowning:

Hey Yonargi, I had the same problem too almost a year ago. There is a few of changes between the 0.63.05 and 0.63.0 tutorial so most of it will be correct while others are still there, but look different or located elsewhere. I don’t know about making a tutorial, but I can help you as much as I can. :slight_smile: