video background


I’m new to Synfig, yet I have already practiced with the tutorials etc, and I wonder if there is a way (automatic :slight_smile: ) of importing a movie file as background.

What I intend to do is designing an animation over a previously existing video (a homemade recorded video, for instance), so that each frame rendered in Synfig is overlayed to the imported background current frame.

I guess it shouldn’t be difficult yet not obvious, and it would be a great function in Synfig. It could be selected whether to use “frame-guide” (1 frame in Synfig overlays 1 frame in imported) or “time-guide” (1 second in Synfig overlays 1second in imported).

If this is not possible yet, is there any wishlist? :mrgreen:


I think we’re still needing to import an image sequence at the moment. See this entry: … _Synfig.3F


Thanks, Matt!!!

That’s great, I’ll see if I am able to use it.