Value of the explicit CVS support

Hi guys,

As some of you may have noticed in the menu. Synfigstudio has explicit support for the CVS version management system. Well, since CVS is really getting old has a lot of annoying quirks, most development projects have moved to Subversion or GIT. I was wondering whether it was a good idea to drop the CVS support altogether. Thereby reducing the clutter in our code base and menus.



Would it be a good idea to generalise it to VCS support and then maybe add support for SVN/git later?

I think having VCS support in Synfigstudio is of very limited value if the support only has the same functionality as existing external tools. This support only gets real value if it is augmented with Synfig-specific support, for instance with Synfig-specific merging/updating. Developing the former is already a significant task; developing the latter seems currently out of reach.

If you look at what happened to the bones project and the OpenGL project, it seems to me your ambition is not inline with the capabilty of the current Synfig developer community. We currently simple do not have enough skilled, motivitated developers. Given these limited resources, I think the Synfig community should focus on the Synfig core, that is, 2D animation. Let other projects/people build VCS tools.

Besides, users complain about a lot stuff (e.g., stability on XP), but not about VCS support.