Uploading TO Youtube?

Please help I can’t find any file types supported by both synfig and youtube.

Here you have a list of accepted formats by Youtube: Accepted formats by Youtube

I suggest MPEG4 (I use Xvid). It’s free software.

To make it, you can render the animation in Synfig in PNG files and then make the MPEG4-xvid file with ffmpeg or your favorite video editor.

What programs do I need and what exactly do I have to do? btw thanks 4 helping :slight_smile:

Depends of the operating system you use, but Synfig can render the frames to PNG.

You’ll need to get the Xvid codec. You can do it from the Xvid website.

And last, I’ll recomend you a video editor (work directly with ffmpeg could be hard) for make the video and render to MPEG4 for upload to Youtube. In GNU/Linux, you have KDEnLive, for example. It is a great video editor. In others O.S you’ll have similar options of free video editors.

  I have windows vista on the computer that I use synfig on.

I think you can try Avidemux.

It is a basic video editor, but you can load sequences of frames and render to MPEG4, for example.