Uploading to youtube(or any other site like that)

Hey guys

Today I finished my first animation and got pretty excited over it (even though it aint amazing or something).
Then when I wanted to upload it to youtube it said that it’d take 63 minutes. And I was like, “this can’t be true, there must be something wrong with the youtube uploader”. But then i checked my file and it said that it filled 353Mb, which is quite a lot for a 14 sec video.
So here’s my question(s):

-Have I done something wrong or is it normal for a synfig file to be this much spacetaking?
-If I’ve done something wrong what could it be?
-If i haven’t done anything wrong and it’s just the standard size, is there a faster way to upload it or do i just have to wait that 60 minutes?

Sincerly Marcher97

What’s the file format of your movie? How did you export it from Synfig Studio? (Parameters for export)

I used a screenrecorder to record it into an .avi file.
I searched a lot on how to export it directly from synfig but never found anything usefull.
So could you explain how you do ?


I tryed to render my animation but when I opened renter setting and set target to .png, and then pressed render, nothing happened.
I have no idea how to do it the other way :I

Yeah, screen recorders save raw video which mean really big file sizes.

Synfigstudio probably rendered your animation to PNG files without you noticing. You just need to find where the PNG files where saved, probably in the Synfigstudio program folder if you didn’t change the file location.

You can try to render again, but this time click on the “Choose…” button in the Render Settings window. You probably want to create a folder to put the render results, as it will create a large number of PNG files in that folder. You’ll also need to convert the result PNG files into a video in order to upload to Youtube.

Are you using a Windows system?