Up-to-date Synfig on Ubuntu Software Center

Hi I’ve been using Synfig for a month which I downloaded from USC. After a month I realized my version was not up-to-date (using 0.4.x or something) and the 1.0.0 is only published on the website. Now I have a suggestion and a question.
Suggestion: Delete Synfig from USC or update it so people won’t work on outdated version for months.
Question: Now I installed Synfig from a .deb file does it mean I can’t get automatic updates?
Thanks for help.

HElloo and welcome here,

Yep it’s a point we should take care and not just for ubuntu … but for other systems too (fedora / debian / etc … ) .

sadly … yes, you will not have automatic update. The good point is that synfig is not updated every month :wink: