Unusable! :-(

Guys, I am very glad that exists synfig as open source, but the user interface is so unintuitive that it turns the program almost unusable. I am not just complaining, I am a programmer. Is there any project to improve this user interface?


There are some discussions (here in the forum and also in the wiki) to improve the GUI. I recognize that the interface is not intuitive at first contact but once you understand how it works it is really faster than other kind of interface.

You’re welcome to do any improvement on the interface but you should consider the users opinion too. I’ve been using synfig during last year and I find it very well designed for a well educated end user compared with other 2D animation programs I’ve used.

There isn’t anything really decided or defined to modify the interface, mainly because we have none (zero, null, void…) developers currently coding synfig.
You’re welcome to explain us here any idea you have to improve the workflow and the user interface. It would be very interesting to know your opinion.

Those are the forum threads:

and some interesting wiki pages:

Also the feature requests tracker from sourceforge:

Welcome :smiley:


When I first tried Synfig - about a year or so back, I think - I really didn’t like the gui either. But as I’ve gotten more familiar with the logic of Synfig I’ve come to like it more. It’s somewhat similar to the Blender (3D) experience in that respect.

One thing I’d say is that Synfig isn’t really the place to rough out an animation. For that, I’d use a program like Pencil or good old fashioned pencil and paper. But once you know what you want your characters to do, Synfig seems reasonably well thought out for the actual process of vector animation.