Unintended undefined waypoints

Why do I see undefined waypoints for “Vertex 003” instead of no waypoints at all? I have no waypoints at those keyframes in “Vertex 003” subparameters!

Moreover, why can’t I remove them?

Sometimes, I also see that behaviour of gray waypoints appearing, and not knowing how to delete them
But I don’t know what could it be.

Some of the information of the wiki doesn’t give you any clue?
However, I guess it depends of the parameters you are animating. Maybe, without been aware you moved some handles of your drawing.
I think it will be needed to have a sample file with that grey waypoints.


synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … /issues/45
Maybe it is this bug?

Thanks for your responses, Hulf2012 & Genete.

As you can see in the screenshot, no subparameter of “Vertex 003” is shown to have waypoints. But “Vertex 003” is shown to have them, undefined ones. How can a parameter have waypoints if it consists of subparameters and none of them have waypoints? Can it?

Maybe. Those grey waypoints I have observed come from unwanted waypoints that I have tried to remove. But, in the ticket, I see no reference to what happens when you try to remove such waypoints.

I insist you should put a sample file, or the original,… if possible

Reading the wiki, and looking in your screen shot, I see there are tangent parameters that have hidden values (I see that they are “fold”, sorry but I can’t explain better). Perhaps there, You can get more clues about what is happening.

It can be related with a bug has Genete points. But I’m not sure how to proccess it :blush:

Caray, algunas cosas en verdad se me hacen dificil explicarlas en ingles. Incluso en español no puedo describirlas. Al menos en este caso.

Hope We can solve this thing ! :slight_smile:

I call them ghost waypoints. It’s prob a bug. I get them when I try to delete active colored waypoints that are under a keyframe. Some get deleted, others turn undefined. You can move them around but you can not get rid of them.