Unable to show background and BLine at the same time

Dear Synfig buddies,

I looked in the FAQs and could not find this issue.

Can you help me. I get this error when I start Synfig:

synfig studio – starting up application…
(synfigstudio.exe:3796): Gtk-WARNING **: Invalid input string
(synfigstudio.exe:3796): Gtk-WARNING **: Invalid input string
(synfigstudio.exe:3796): Gtk-WARNING **: Invalid input string
(synfigstudio.exe:3796): Gtk-WARNING **: Invalid input string

Then I can enter a background using the Gradient tool. I can then make a BLine. As soon as I finish it (Loop BLine) my background vanishes. If I move up the background then I can no longer see my BLine.

If I missed the FAQ please point me to it and I will be glad to read it.

Thanks for any help.

Best regards,

Hi DanLockhart,
it seems that for some reason your default blend method is set to STRAIGHT. Loot to the toobox and select from the drop down menu a blend method to COMPOSITE. Then you can see both at the same time.

Regarding to the console messages it looks to me to a something related with not suported characters in the path of synfig or any of its components. This problem reading the some file can cause the defualt blend method to STRAIGHT.


I’ve seen those error messages when the recently used files had a filename with a non-ascii character.


As for the errors: I get them 10 to 20 times every time I open up Synfig. I don’t know why, though, because everything works fine. As for the thing pixelgeek mentions: I always get them, even if I haven’t used any non-ASCII characters.

Which version of Windows is this on? Windows 95/98/ME?