Unable to see animation

I have animated the gif in the Tutorial1. I am unable to save the file as a gif. Furthermore I would like to eventually export the file, not as an animated gif but in a known movie format as to be able to upload to youtube. Is this possible? And how?

Can you be more explicit? Do you get a static GIF or simply you don’t get nothing? Do you get any console error message? Have you set the filename the “.gif” extension? Have you unchecked the “Use current frame” option in the render dialog?

You can use any of the working options that are shown in this link. Consider that this wiki page can be out of date.

Regardless to the platform where you’re working on the best way to publish a animation to youtube is export it as a png sequence and convert to a high video quality. See this link to know how.

Telling us what’s your operating system would help us to better solve your problems.

Don’t give up! :smiley:

When I click on the render option , the the dialog box opens. .gif is not one of the options in the render dialog box so I tried selecting each of them one at a time and rendering them to see if I can use a different file type… My goal so far is to see if I have animated the file correctly. The tutorial suggests using firefox to view it but when I open the file (as one of the rendered file types… I think .jpg) I see an image that appears like my file but is not animated. I will follow your links at a later date. Thanks for the help. I just want to see what I have done… in real time. Does that make sense?

Maybe a bit late, but in hope you’ll read this one day or another: .jpg-files don’t support animation.

To render in gif-format:

  1. Click on the button (apparently called a ‘caret’) in the upper left corner.
  2. -> File
  3. -> Render
  4. Type the name you want to give to the file behind the text ‘Filename’ (and get rid of the filetype extension).
  5. Behind the text ‘Target’ is a pull-down menu. Use that to select ‘gif’.
  6. All that’s left to do is to click the button ‘Render’.