Unable to move group centre with latest Mac OS

I have recently update to the latest Mac OS Catalina. This has caused many issues with Synfig. Could not access any folders and had problems seeing text. I have sorted these, but I am unable to reposition the centre of a group. I have previously done this by holding Control when I move the mouse but this no longer works. Any ideas how to solve this?

Hi, Paul. Welcome.

What synfig version are you using?
Did you try the last development release?

Hi Rodolorg,

I am using the latest stable version. Worked perfectly before I updated to Mac OS Catalina.

I don’t know what happened in 1.2.2 :confused:
Could you try 1.3.16? It’s a “release candidate” to next stable 1.4 :wink:

But please, just for safety, don’t overwrite any of your synfig files :slight_smile: