UI Redesign - Preferences

The proposal of this search function is to let user easily find what he want to adjust by key in a work. For example, when he type “widt” the live search will get a list all item which contain “widt” (we have only one at the moment), and show to user in a tab:

Document: New Canvas: Size: Width [270 |x]

There are a lot of tech spec/details should be discussed before starting code. I am not going to code this search function in the near future, there are not that many items in preferences currently and more important, My coding knowledge is still not ready to do it.

This “Summary of Changes” tab is designed for user when he would like to “Undo” some of changes. Most of changes should be applied instantly except those requires “Restart Synfig Studio”. In most of causes, a user can just ignore it. With this design, we can free user from application interruptions. alistapart.com/article/neveruseawarning

Thanks for the idea, add to mockup, there are a lot of room we can improve in this preferences dialog.

  • entry proposals for document section : “default interpolation”

actually seems to be hardcoded in the ui :

https://github.com/synfig/synfig/blob/master/synfig-studio/src/gui/canvasview.cpp#L1145 synfigapp::Main::set_interpolation(INTERPOLATION_CLAMPED); // Clamped by default.

hardcoded also in :
also in github.com/synfig/synfig/blob/m … tmodel.cpp

  • entry proposals for document section : “default keyframe”

synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … issues/452

i’m taking care about some basic part of this one actually …

and, cool … with the work you have already done github.com/jcome/synfig/commits … ecs-window i could maybe go further i thought :wink:

ohhhh what a nice pref" dialog ////!

:slight_smile:. Thanks, can’t wait to play with your implementation.

No need to thanks bro! or i’ll be obliged to say you thanks for each of your change… why not :wink:

By the way what do you think about converting other dialogs to this kind of design (especially “Canvas Properties”) ?

I have pushed a branch for yu to test … github.com/d-j-a-y/synfig/commi … l_redesign

Actually working on fixing “multi brush path” option. NOTA : brush path option is broken at this step ! (commit 2f4ab033b202bf33)

Hello, I have just tested the branch, awesome!

There are discussions about Canvas Properties and Canvas Options dialogs here viewtopic.php?f=14&t=5712

Looks great! I wonder though, why on/off sliders rather than tick boxes? Sliders is better when you’re using a touch device but Synfig is running on computers with mouse/pens as main input where I’d imagine tick boxes is cleaner, faster and more easily read.

Seems the widgets on document tab have layout issue which causes the width of Preferences window is huge. I dont see why we have double messages/texts for FPS and Sizes.

And I have a advice for the layout of the transformation tooltips option.

and we don’t need the word “visible”, do we? Handle Tooltips is enough.

github.com/d-j-a-y/synfig/tree/ … dial_fixes

What do you think ?