UI Redesign - our goals

[size=150]== Goals ==[/size]

  • Simple, but not dumbed down
  • Ease to use
  • Streamline
  • Intuition

[size=150]== Non Goals ==[/size]
- Ease to lean

I just post this for ideas collection and brainstorming, so what’s your opinion regrading synfig studio’s ui target?

May I add “simple, but not dumbed down”? We still need all features but perhaps all of them doesn’t need to be directly at our eyesight.

Additions to the list:

Targets: Fully customizable, Fast enough for workflow, Handicapped person accesible, Fully remember shutdown status, Portable, Cross platform/toolkit/theme friendly, Workteam collaborative, CVS capable, Scriptable, Human input devices friendly, …

Non targets: Workflow obstructive, Unintuitive, old fashioned, undocumented, …

Some of the targets could affect core too. I’ll add more if find them.

Not directly a goal but a thought.
Synfig canvas is quite slow to work with, especially when dealing with bitmap images. This we would need to adress later on (says one that does no coding himself…).
Is this something that needs to be considered when planning and coding this UI update? Just so there is no unnesserary work and nothing that needs to be redone later.

It seems like something is happening now, Synfig rendering system is getting optimized:

synfig.org/cms/en/news/synfi … t-results/