UI Redesign - canvas window

In new UI, we can have multiple canvas windows, and they are floatable,
Open sifz file can have an option “always open in a new canvas window”. that would service as an alternative of “Tab based multi-documents interface”

a document(sifz file) can be shown in more than one canvas window at the same time. the content are synchronized, or can have diffrent “display” options enabled, different zoom levels for example. think about the 3D software’s viewports.

jcome I have to say I’m absolutely amazed by the work you are doing in synfig redesign, and more, by your professionalism in doing it, always having great solutions, comparing to the existing programs and paying atention to all the details.
I’ll change my slides and talk more about the UI redesign during my talk in the LGM.
Thank you!


Thanks for your encourage, eldruin. The source files are github.com/jcome/synfig_ui/ in case you would use, if any thing else I can help, pls just ping me.