Ui : Navigation button for nex/prev WayPoint

Like the Next/Prev keyframe button, could be very usefull to have a set of buttons to navigate thrue WayPoints.
What do you think about :

  • next waypoint
  • prev waypoint
  • next 10 waypoints
  • prev 10 waypoints
  • next (x) waypoints
  • prev (foo) waypoints

For sure, certain of those button could be present at the discretion of the user, dreaming at the same time of a UserInferface@Fly building system like the vlc one (videolan.org) you should/must know : helpdeskgeek.com/linux-tips/cust … ined-look/


Talking about waypoints… I extend this petition. :smiley:

I think that is really interesting copy&paste more than one waypoint. It is really annoying select one waypoint-goes to the correct time-paste waypoint-goes to the next waypoint-copy-goes again to the next correct time…etc.

So, if you could copy more than one waypoint and paste with the same times between them animation would be faster.

Other thing: possibility of change the color of the waypoints. When you are animating an object of a group, it is interesting see the waypoints from the group… but all the waypoints of all objects in that group are the same form! It’s very annoying must to select the object or “imagine” what waypoint is of a object from the time.

If you could change the color of the waypoints could be easy to asignate a color to an object and would be easy to see from the group view. A popup with information of what object modify that waypoint could be interesting, too… but the color would be more fast to see.

For last. I think that must be thinking in separate (or living together) the waypoints from the timer-view. Of course, that is fine, but I think that an object must have his own waypoints. This could be used to enter in the neccesary library of objects.

It’s a bit annoying that you can’t reuse animated objects between files. If an object have his own waypoint the export-import would be simple.

The waypoints of an object must be grouped. So, you could make: walking, staying, closingeyes, animation1… etc. That tags would have its own set of waypoint that you could drag and drop in the timer view at the time that you’ll want.

could be great to not expend a precise point to different points has i will do now :
I have put extra info in wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Handle#Choose_your_handles … this could help locally but not respond globally to your points.

please try to open a thread / subject … when possible.


Next/prev waypoint of what? Selected layers or all layers?
Next/prev 10 waypoints, on different times or can they be on the same time (say you have five waypoints in the same time from the same layer or from several layers)?
Would be interesting to optionally just jump onto geometry waypoints (those that define Splines or origin of things) to only concentrate on geometry and forget other changes (colors, gradients, outline width, etc.)
On the other and, if the user pretend to animate on twos, just better use keyframes, isn’t it?

Smell like DoWhatYouWant WayPoint button … :wink:

hummm… a waypoint roller slider ? with some filters to choose - multi - geom - color - … and some supa shortcut indeed

OK, I’m sorry.

I thought that could be interesting have all subjects related with waypoints unified in a same thread.

Rigth! :slight_smile: