UI Improvement: mainwindow toolbar


is it time to remove file tools(new, save, open, etc…) from toolbox and add a new main toolbar? For those(mainly advanced user) who cares about the space of screen, we can implement 4 modes for menubar and toolbar, just like in MyPaint.

  1. Both menubar and toolbar available at the same time
  2. Only menubar
  3. Only Toolbar but there is a [menu] button available to access regular menu
  4. None of menubar and toolbar

Any comments?

The more flexible the better.
Just wonder how to move from state 4) to any of the others (without use the caret menu that is supposed to be removed, right?). Use a keyboard shortcut?

Yes, maybe postpone this till we implement a maximum workspace function by a keyboard shortcut which will hide all UI elements :mrgreen: