Typewriter Text Effect

I was thinking of an efficient way to make a typewriter effect in synfig, the first thing came to my mind is to move a revealing layer (with alpha over blend method) above my typewriter text in x direction after converting it to a step parameter.

theoretically this method is valid only for mono space fonts, otherwise it will not reveal sharply one character at each step.

but, as illustrated in the attached file, it didn’t work perfectly even with a monospace family font :slight_smile:

what do you think? is there a better way?
typewriter.sifz (1.1 KB)

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You can improve it by creating waypoints for each letter step so they are revealed one by one with the correct rectangle displacement. More work, but the result will be better.

Ahmed, you can also try using the stroboscope layer in place of the conversion you use in the translate layer.

2 years later but I think that I have a good way to do this.
There is a inkscape extension (wiki.colivre.net/Aurium/InkscapeGenerator) that can be used to export several png with the information of a csv made with Excel. I can use it correctly in Linux but I couldn’t make it work on Windows.
So, I made a Excel file to help in this task.
This are the steps to make an animation:

  1. Prepare the inkscape document (study how to work with the Generator).
  2. Put the messages in the Excel file (on the green cells), and save that file as csv. You can select the pause with N2 cell. The last image of each line will repeat N2 times, so it will be seen as a pause in the animation.
  3. Run the inkscape generator. The output pattern must be done with the column num. So we generate a png sequence.
  4. We import the png sequence to synfig with the FPS (15 it’s okay for typewriter I think)
  5. Import the .lst file on synfig.
    Inkscape file: drawing.svg
    Excelfile: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107383474/typewriter.xlsx