Tyler & Mia - Valentine's Day Short

Hello everyone!

This is a special animation I created for Valantine’s Day 2014. It took me approximately 64 hours to complete. The aim was to create a simple 2 colour animation to send across a short and simple message. Your comments and feedback is very much appreciated! And if you have any questions about the making of it - Don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:. Enjoy!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_HWr1OA2Uo

Very cute!

Your images is very expressive and effectfull. Your animation on the other hand is a bit slow and you need to practice on walks. Otherwise I like it a lot! I hope Mia does too!

I liked so much!

But, the last girl is otherone? In that case, the love of the boy is not too much seriously. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

nice animation, welcome aboard shanz32.

Thank you for your feedback and warm welcome guys :slight_smile: I agree the editing could of been a little quicker and a better walk cycle - something to improve on in future productions. I wanted to get across there is still ‘plenty of fish in the sea’ if one girl doesn’t work out straight away haha!

I like it =). It definitely had pathos in it, which seems like what you were going for. It was…cute :blush:. I like how you did the background and the characters representing the colors of valentines day. But as what was already said, the animation needs some touching up on.

Keep it up =))

Nice Post :blush: :blush:

Great work! It’s so adorable & emotional. I especially like the glowing effect.

Incredible. So much visual emotion. I felt my heart break with the character.
The glowing effect is wonderful, did you do this in Synfig? Is it a plugin or just the colors that you choose?