Two-Dollar Sprint

Hello, everyone!

We have launched a new fundraising campaign for synfig cevelopment and here’s what I’m thinking.
There are 1500+ members here on Synfig forum. Imagine if we would get just a two dollars from each subscriber - that would be enough to cover the cost of Synfig development for 3 months. In this case we could get our full time working on Synfig FOR A WHOLE SUMMER. For just a two dollars.

How much could be done for 3 months? It’s easy to estimate - let’s get a look back. Here’s a list of features implemented for the last three months by our hired developer Ivan Mahonin:

All the work above was paid by community members through our previous fundraising campaigns and I guess, that pretty much gives the picture about the impact.

So, two dollars for a summer development!

For many of us, two dollars is not an amount that matters. But being multiplied by every community member it can make a difference.

Do my assumptions about the amount of people around sound like pointless? We can find it out!
As part of our current fundraising campaign I am proposing to launch a “Two-Dollar Sprint”. I invite our community members to join the sprint by donating two dollars to Synfig fundraising campaign here:

Of course, Synfig is free software. And free software is free. No one is obligated to pay for free software and that’s what makes our sprint fun.

Let’s see if we have the power of the crowd!
Join the “Two-dollar sprint”!

Konstantin Dmitriev