Tutorial requests?

I’m planning on doing some tutorials but need some pointer as to what people want.
Is there some aspect of Synfig that is not clear to you? Is there something you like to know how to do? What would make an awesome tutorial? What would be interesting to know about?
Post your requests here please.

Did you want beginner ideas or advanced or just anything cool?

I’ve been hoping to use the time offset and duplicate layer to have a number of photos scroll across the screen. An efficient way to do that or some other application of time offsets and duplicates would be neat.

I was going to do a tutorial showing how to use a radial gradient in front of an object so the the Alpha-over in the gradient softens the edges… kind of dream like, or foggy. I was going to have the photos mentioned above fly behind this gradient so they fade in and then out.

Encapsulating the entire scene and using it as a camera control by animating the encapsulations origin and zoom.

I do a thing with character where I link the rotation layer of the front of the head with the rotation layer of the back hair so that things in front and behind the body layer rotate together.

I do all my drawing is synfig, perhaps a drawing tutorial of some kind.

Time of day or lights on and off using colour layers at different “amounts” You know… draw a daylight scene then put a .3 blue/black layer over it.

Well… that’s all I have for now. Just brain storming. If anything else comes up I’ll post again :slight_smile:

I think a list of tutorial ideas is a good on in general, then if someone can do it, they can do it.

something i’ve been thinking about on the subject of animation would be, morphing vector graphics smoothly from position A to B. sounds simple but what i mean is to perform lets say as an example, moving fingers so that say they go from side animation to a different camera angled animation, say pointing foward, in a way that it would appear that the fingers are moving naturally, if that makes sense?

from looking at some of the tutorials i would say its possible with the use of creating new points in keyframes, which then brings me to my next problem, how would you make it so that the animation is saved for reuse, and with that another problem, how would you be able to insert the animation, then insert another hand position without having to micro manage the animation so it didnt look unnatural. any ideas on a tutorial for that one?