Tutorial Instructions Didn't Work???

So, I’m new around these parts, so please bear with me :confused: I followed this tutorial for “realistic rain” effect http://wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Doc:Realistic_Rain_Animation#Fine_tuning_.26_fooling_around And the effect that I had achieved were vertical lines from the very top of the canvas to the very bottom. Transparent, but nothing like rain. Kind of looks like a gray curtain.

This has been fixed. Didn’t notice the drop down arrow in the layers menu. The above issue still exists

I followed the tutorial for the rain part to the T, but then when I looked at the actual file...it was totally different from the layers in the tutorial. Is there maybe a better tutorial for a rain effect out there? Maybe the author left some things out? I don't know, but it does go from creating rain into creating fire...so I have no idea what's going on. -Sigh-
Thanks for any help

The tutorial instructions are work in progress. It is not usable I think, unless it is completely finished.
In fact, it shouldn’t be listed in the Tutorial area until it is finished. It is based on the Realistic fire tutorial so that’s the reason it doesn’t work.

The fire isn’t what I’m concerned with though. I understand the tutorials are WIPs, so I’m not mad or anything, but I don’t understand how the creator even got the Noise Gradient Layer to look like rain. I guess there’s some steps missing because it’s not finished, like you said?

I guess, it is because the written instructions are not adequate to obtain that kind of rain.

Oh, bleh! Well, there’s gotta be something out there somewhere for decent rain effects. I’ll keep a look out :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!