Turning a layer on and off

OK. I’m a noob. I’ve figured out how to do a few things like animate splines and import images…almost enough for a few simple things I need to to for one of my videos.

What I can’t figure out is how to turn an item (such as an image or text) on and then off. Everything seems to start at the beginning of the canvas and stays on till the end.

how do I have an item appear at 4 seconds and disappear at 6? In my regular video editing software there’s a timeline for each video/image/text so you can drag it around to only appear during a given point in time.


Use the amount layer parameter:

Turn OFF = set Amount to zero
Turn ON = set Amount to one

As with any other parameter, it is animatable. So to turn ON/OFF layers at specific times you simply use animate mode. Using Constant interpolation you can make the switch instant.

Thanks! I knew it was something simple! All is well.