Trying to set up my first skeletal animation on my future game character.

Hi! :smiley:
First of all i want to thank all developers that are working on Synfig project because there are really few 2D animation softwares on Linux. So i’m glad that someone spend time on creating such a powerfull tool.
Next i want to describe my problem. I created a simple character for my future game. All i want to make is a simple animated character with moving hands, head and legs. I made this character by using SplineTool and basic shape to draw.
And here where the trouble came. I watched lots of videos on YT where people were doing skeletal animation. I tried to copy the behavior of their work with skeleton but my character is not moving as i want it to.
Issues are:
[1] the head is just compleatly destroied after the trasformation of a skeleton
[2] when i copy the right hand to set it up on the left side of my character and atached skeleton by selecting all verticles of my layer group and then with ctrl pressed i linked it to skeleton (not bone wich i also tried…), it doesn’t atatch it or atatch only one hand.

So at main question i want to ask how to create a drawing wich i could animate. I want to use Synfig tool to build it. I tried inkscape which is much easier i think but then i read that it’s not good idea. :wink:

It’s my first post ever on any formum so i’m sorry if i made the description wrong.
I link file with my character .sifz and .png after i transforme it.
LibreWithSkeleton.sifz (22.1 KB)

I think that suits you use rotation for the head, bones for the arms and deformation for the legs

Sometimes, actually most of the time, Synfig gets confused when you copy and past splines a lot within group folders. When you copied the arm and linked it to the bone the copie uses information stored from the original spline and that screws up the bone link. Same probably happened with the features from the head. I just drew a new head above the old one, grouped it and attached it to a bone and it works as you can see in the attached file. I suggest you draw the head again without making copies and also make an original version of both arms. I attached the bone of the arm by selecting all the splines that make up the arm, then ctrl-a in the canvas to select all vertex, then ctrl-select the skeleton layer, right click the bone on the canvas you want to attach and choose link to bone. A basic tutorial about bones can be found here:
LibreWithSkeleton2.sifz (19 KB)

Hello grayrattus and welcome here,

Synfig learning curve is “big”. I also suggest you to start reading the step by step manual for the wiki to catch better the synfig’s working concepts.


you gave all importants info and though to share you project.


Alliright so the main problem was that i use ctrl+c and ctrl+v instead of duplicating object.

Thank all of you for help. :wink: