Trying out bones


I did this to try walking cycles and the new bones feature

Suggestions? Criticism? Thoughts?

It does cycle. I would suggest you look up some reference footage of people walking. Pay attention to tempo. Also the feet should stay firmly on the ground while the weight is on them.
I find it easier to do believable walks if I animate two steps walking across the ground then shift the position of the cycle as it starts over. If I want a walk on the spot I then add a translation layer that counters the forward motion.
It’s a bit hard visualizing walks still in place if you’ve not hung around walking belts all your life.

Reference footage and try to analyse what goes on in a walk.

Not bad attempt to learn how to use the bone system in Synfig, but you can make the walk cycle better if you pay attention to the details listed in the previous post. There also seems to be a hickup in the cycle, maybe some overexposure at the end. Make sure that the last key is the same as the first.

Thanks, ill definitely try that next time, getting the feet right was the mist difficult part for me. I had used am online powerpoint for the contact, up, passing and down poses

you can draw a line for the reference of the ground and keep the feet touching the line then the character won’t appear like floating :slight_smile: