so i will try again.

so i have a problem with the time loop layers.

here is what i try to do

  1. group a sprite and a time loop in a group

  2. make a keyframe in 12f and 1s, and move the sprite in 12f (so it will return in 1s)

  3. set time loop to link time 0f, local time 0f, and duration 1s.

  4. it doesn’t loop when i play it. it only plays once

sorry to ask the question again, and sorry for the hassle. i think the problem is with step 3 because i saw the demo, but i can’t figure out how to fix it.


When you group the sprite and the loop layer, the loop layer is at top, isn’t? If you put the loop layer at bottom, it doesn’t work. Synfig layers work from top to bottom.

The operation you made are correct and must work.