Trouble with importing Synfig clip into Son Vegas

hi, Im struggling what format/codec/options to choose for clips rendering in Synfig. I made my clip 24fps, 1920x1080, and I want to import onto Sony Vegas Pro 12, and eventually post on youtube and vimeo.
Even though avi from Synfig plays ok on my PC, it doesnt import to Vegas ‘an error occured while opening a codec’.
I realize this might be a problem with Vegas, but I would appreciate some suggestions on how to configure rendering in Synfig in this case. Hopefully somebody went through a similar problem?

Try to export as H.264 Lossless :wink:

Thanks, but no luck.

here’s a list of codecs that I have on my Windows PC, but it doesn’t seem to guarantee the avi would import to Sony Vegas.

|ICM|Cinepak Codec by Radius|cvid|iccvid.dll||
|ICM|Intel IYUV codec|IYUV|iyuv_32.dll|10.0.19041.1|
|ICM|Microsoft RLE|MRLE|msrle32.dll|10.0.19041.1|
|ICM|Microsoft Video 1|MSVC|msvidc32.dll|10.0.19041.1|
|ICM|Microsoft YUV|UYVY|msyuv.dll|10.0.19041.1|
|ICM|Toshiba YUV Codec|Y411|tsbyuv.dll|10.0.19041.1|
|ICM|Microsoft YUV|UYVY|msyuv.dll|10.0.19041.1|
|DMO|Mpeg4s Decoder DMO|mp4s, MP4S, m4s2, M4S2, MP4V, mp4v, XVID, xvid, DIVX, DX50|mp4sdecd.dll|10.0.19041.450|
|DMO|WMV Screen decoder DMO|MSS1, MSS2|wmvsdecd.dll|10.0.19041.1|
|DMO|WMVideo Decoder DMO|WMV1, WMV2, WMV3, WMVA, WVC1, WMVP, WVP2, VC1S|wmvdecod.dll|10.0.19041.746|
|DMO|Mpeg43 Decoder DMO|mp43, MP43|mp43decd.dll|10.0.19041.1|
|DMO|Mpeg4 Decoder DMO|MPG4, mpg4, mp42, MP42|mpg4decd.dll|10.0.19041.1|


Well, you can always use Handbrake to convert your exported video to the format you desire.

ok, HandBrake worked. Thanks.