I’m very interested in SYNFIG animation possibilities for a future project… I will like to help in the translation (french) as it’s the better way, with practice of course, to learn about software capacities and make it yours.

But I really did’nt understand how I can save my translations in the wiki when done . So an information about it will will be welcome… 9for exemple how can I traduce in french and meke this page reachable the Wiki Translation page (in english and in spanish if I saw it well ?)

Thanks in advance

Hi Alban, welcome to synfig project.
There are two ways to help on translation:

  1. Translating the wiki: To translate the wiki just create the same page (with the same name in English) but add .fr at the end in your case.
    See this for more information.

  2. Translating the synfig and synfigstudio interfaces. You can help the current translator to that. She is rore and you can find her in the IRC or here. Maybe she has an email address to contact.
    See this for further information.

Please ask here or at the IRC what ever other question you have. We gladly would help you if possible.



Hola Genete ! (I’m half french, half spanish, nobody is perfect but this is very useful for European football cup team choice !!! :smiley: )

Thank you for the information I will begin by the wiki and will contact Rore soon

Hasta lluego !!!


Sorry but me again with my translation issue. I have translated the page “For Translators” in French as it seem this one doesn’t exist (just done a copy paste of the file in English and make the translation in a .doc document) Now how I cam implement this page in the Wiki ?

  • May I go in Edit or Modify mode and put my translation (at the end of the existing one) ?
  • Or just create somewhere (where ?) my page named : ?
  • Or send you or in a repository this page ?

Sorry but I have no Wiki experience at all and do not find the information in it

Muchas gracias para tu ayuda…


Thanks for the information provided through the IRC Channel. I have made various translation of pages please tell me if it’s ok for you.

The hints & tips features you gave me regarding : the search of a .fr page (or any .xx language) then to use create a new one function should be precised in the How to translate page I think ? a it’s very useful for newbie wanting to help

I saw that the Download page was already translated in French but not connected to the .fr (from the .fr home page we have access only the the English download page - can be reached through the search function only)

Un saludo !

I don’t speak French so from my point of view they are fine :wink:

It is also a way to improve the wiki. You have noticed that it is an interesting thing to put in the wiki… then do it! :slight_smile:

Yes, translating to other language should be done form the root pages to the branches ones. In this way is easier to find what pages need to be translated. The best way is start with the main page and translate each link of it, modifying the correspondinf link to the translated page. If you start translatin the a dead end page it would be difficult to do a reverse translation and also it would be difficult to reach for a non English reader.

Thanks for your help. Your contributions are welcome :slight_smile:


Hola Genete !

Pages translated in French are at the moment :

My questions : 1/how to link these pages in .fr to the main page .fr?
2/how to put links to internal or external pages in the translated pages as links to the images that illustrate the site ?

Except for the

You have to edit the and modify the link to each English version page and just add the .fr thing at the end. I think that the one is accessible from the page. Also I think that you’re doing it well.

For internal pages just enclose the page name between double brackets. The underlines should be substituted by spaces. Also you can change the displayed text to a custom one by adding a separator “|” (vertical bar) after the page name:

[[Main|Página Principal Francesa]] would be a valid example.

For an external link just use simple brackets. The separator for the custom displayed text is a space:

[ Google] would be a valid example.

Also follow this link for more information:


Many thanks Genete,

It works !!! I’m making the changes Rore give me also an help !!!

Un saludo

Hola Genete !!!

I have another question (2 in facts) that I didn’t found in the wiki.

How can we translate the left vertical menu items (Home, about, download etc…) in our language (.fr here and some items are already translated like “À propos” for about and “Telechargement” for Download if you go to the french page)

And more important how to link this indication to the corresponding page translated as the navigation in french is only available through the links in the main page but not in the menu.


The sidebar is a special page that cannot be translated. It really should be translated but I don’t know how.
Regarding to the second part of your question, you’re right. It is not possible to reach directly the French pages from the side menu. So it is important that you create French links in the English version of each page that can be directly reached from the side bar. In that way you decrease the amount of click to reach the same page but in French.

Use this link to find pages without language links:


Hola Genete !

Reading the Mediawiki instruction I found the solution. If every registered member of the community is able to create or modify pages they cannot modify to the template of the main page that is the main navigation template for all site. Template modification is under the reponsablity and the control of the administrator(s) and this page include the left vertical menu.

There are as many template for the main entry pages than you have languages (so seven here) and you can see them by making a ctrl+ u in the page in your navigator or asking to the code source page always in your navigator.

These are the pages to modify very simply by changing the languages and linkage

Home in the code source pages should become Introduction to be translated in frencj and linked to the correspondant .fr page. This change will only appear on the french pages not in the other languages ones, the left menu becoming french and the french main page point to all translated .fr pages (if not translated link should be let as it and pointing to the english page)

Who in the team has the access rights and how can we plannify this operation?

Un saludo

Not sure what you mean, the sidebar is created from this page:

How do you get mediawiki to use when your language is French?

Hello Pabs,

You’re right. Media wiki is more obscure than web site (I’m used to web site construction)

First : is on admin side so no way to modify it being a"normal" contributor

Second : perhaps (I’m less affirmative now) that it’s possible to put internal links (.fr, .ru etc…) in this pages with special code writting that should be recognized by .fr, ,ru etc pages ???

Third : There is a bug somewhere as going in my view through the french pages the Download in indication in the left vertical menu is in french (Telechargement) ???

I do not know how to proceeed to make left menu to be put in the current language. In a normal web site creation I should aheve created as many sidebar than I have languages and link these sidebar to the correspondant languages pages.

Here soincerly I don’t know. But resulst is not optimum as you have no indication to stay in your .fr, .ru pages etc… if you only want to access to your own languages pages. Well this don’t look very “pro” and surely make visitors (not english spoken) leaving the site after one attempt to navigate.

If someone know the trick he’s welcome

Yes, fortunately. You never know what mistakes people are going to make :unamused: :smiley:

As far as I know, not yet.

That’s not a bug. Those words are some “common” words, that have a translation within the mediawiki code (I think). So if your wiki preferences are set to “French”, you’ll see them in French. If you add &uselang=xx after a URL, you’ll see that some words are translated. (example: to get some words translated into japanese)

Maybe we should go back to the old way of doing things, that is: the 1st line of a page is

'''Language:''' [[Page Name|English]] | [[Page|Español]] | [[Page|Français]] | [[Page|Русский]] 

Or at least have that link only on the English (default) pages.