translation of synfig other language

hi all communiyt…
i began to translation of synfin turkish.bu i have problems…
this my project :
I wan to a question related in translation.
i dont know how is translating end of words such as %n, %s, for example: ⏎
Development version:⏎
what is that mean? plz help me …
thanks to all…

Already replied in a Transifex conversation.


  1. When, you translate an application, try to be consistent with punctuation signs and UPPER/lower case (and ?)
  • Enter Paragraph Text Here: <-> yazınızı buraya giriniz
  • UNKNOWN <-> bilinmiyor
  1. The underscrore ‘_’ character is used in menu string has accelerator.
    In the menu the become underline and can be acceded by ALT+‘character’ .
    So i recommend you to keep it when you translate (and try do not have twice character underscored in the same menu)
    İzgarayı göster <-> S_how grid
    For commun menu (file/open…), maybe you can found conventional/commun accelerators in others application translated in turkish

I agree with genete recommendations on learning synfig before you go to far in translating the application (with transiflex)
To do so i suggest you to translate the synfig documentation, it’s a good way to learn synfig and it’s think better to help turkish synfig community to grow.

Anyway, good work on this huge task.

thank u very much for commnet… i know that i am not prefect translating of synfing but i want to begin it.that is all . but i believe that anyone is continue the project… i am only pioneer this project.i am trying grow up turkish synfig commnity.

thanks to all …