Translation layer jitters

Is anybody else having trouble with the translation layer jittering? I’m trying to do a looping background and I keep getting a jitter or stutter in the movement. I’ve tried both TCB and linear interpolation, both with the same result. I don’t recall having this issue before, so I’m at a loss. If need be, I can provide a file later when I get back home.



Hi Matt,
please provide a sample file to reproduce the problem. The simpler one, the better so we can narrow the problem better.
Sometimes it is not the translation layer itself but the translated layer which has the problem.
Thanks for your help.

Thanks, Genete. Here is one that stutters a bit throughout playback. (I may also not have the overall loop timed just right yet, so please ignore any stuttering at the beginning/end of the loop.) I watched it on 3 different computers to make sure it wasn’t a hardware issue. I really hope I just have some setting wrong somewhere. Thanks for any help.

sky_pan_test_003.sifz (2.37 KB)

I’ve rendered a 3 second cycle and it is possible to have a little flickering on one of the clouds -the one with a broken angle- (just when it starts to appear from the bottom) but I’m not sure if it is the effect you are seeing. I’m not sure though, if it is a gif render effect.
Maybe, in a slower movement we can notice it better.
In the past I’ve noticed it even more when translating texts because the different text relative position makes the effect more visible. But when comparing the movement with lines, lines moved fine, so I assumed that the problem was in the text layer.
It is something that we need to narrow to debug properly.

(Notice that the gif has limited palette so that the reason for the bad gradient.)

Thanks for looking at it. I played around some more and it seems that there is less flickering when I move things more slowly and less flickering when the things I move have more convoluted (less linear) shapes. So I’m going with the latter idea and importing a sponge-wash cloud background from Gimp instead.

As a side note (or maybe not) I also noticed little or no flickering when I play the same files in VLC. Totem flickered noticeably, though. Not sure why that is.



Genete’s rendered gif looks pretty smooth to me under win7 & ie…

Now that I’ve added falling snow to the loop - which I drew frame-by-frame in Pencil, so there’s no possibility of rendering jitters - I think it may be a frame-dropping issue with my computer(s) on playback. I don’t have anything that’s very new or fast.