translation issue

take a look at the attached screenshots

the popup menu of canvas parameter of “inline canvas” layer is not translatable, and the canvas parameter of “pasted canvas” layer is the same.

I tried to make it happen by myself, but it failed. I have no idea where these two string is locating in the source. could you please help

For “” see:
Change it to _("") would be enough.

For the “inline” string I think that changing all the “inline” strings of synfig-core/src/synfig/canvas.cpp to translatable string _(“inline”) instead of “inline”, should solve the problem. Also “inline” is not a valid English word so it should be replaced to something like “In line”. Probably there are more occurrences of that original string in other files.

If you use linux as operating sytem the git grep command is very powerful to find occurrences of certain words in the code. Using grep only would return a lot of unneded restuls meanwhile git grep is only using the files that are under git control.

Anyway, in this case, I didn’t use it so I’m not 100% sure that there are not more occurrences of those strings. :mrgreen:

Fixed in master branch.