Transform color


I would like to transform color like I do translation and rotation during an animation. My Form should change from red to blue during animation. How can I do that?

Thx you very much for your help


Hi Ivo,
This is quite a straightforward and common task in Synfig, you will likely be doing this a lot!
Here’s how you can do it:

  1. make sure that animate editing mode is turned on
  2. select whichever type of waypoint interpolation you require (try linear or Ease-in/out and see which you prefer)
  3. Navigate to the spot on the timeline where you want the object to start changing from red to blue.
  4. select the object whose color you wish to change (this must be a single object, shape, region, outline etc - it can’t be a Group of different objects)
  5. in the Parameters panel, double click on the ‘Color’ parameter
  6. Select a red color of your choosing, or go to the HSV tab and type in a hexcode color value (red is #FF0000). Click okay.
  7. Navigate to the spot on the timeline where you want to object to finish changing from red to blue.
  8. double click on the color parameter again, select a blue color (or type in the #0000FF hexcode) and click ok.

You can find more information on the Color Editor Dialog in the wiki, and if there is any synfig jargon in my explanation that you don’t understand, simply search for the term in sidebar of the wiki and you’ll find more information explaining it.

Thank you very much for your help.

Just great!