Transfer animation file

I am trying to transfer my animation file to my teacher.
I have rendered the animation, what I see in my files is many png frames (1000+)
am I to submit these to my teacher (e-mail) by zipping them into one file? if so, what is the extension of the file?
sitz, png, zip?

Please help asap…ty

What you have is a series of still images, very useful for further work, like video editing. For final deliver you would need to convert these to a movie file.
Do you have FFMpeg installed?
if so try something like this;
ffmpeg -qmax 2 -i input_%04d.png -vcodec mpeg4 -r 25 -y output.mp4

Otherwise you could try avidemux or some video editor.

This also may help: … g_sequence.

I am still having difficulties submitting to my teacher by putting ffmpeg as a target and the parameters as:
ffmpeg -qmax 2 -i input_%04d.png -vcodec mpeg4 -r 25 -y output.mp4 (I assume the i “input” is my filename) and the final output is an mp4 file. My teacher expects the final product to be submitted in .sifz format. :unamused: Please help asap!

I assume that you already have saved the synfig composition with the sifz format. If not just do the composition in Synfig Studio and press the save as button and provide a path and a name to the file with a sifz extension.
Once done, locate the saved file and email it to your teacher from the place you saved it, using a mail client application.

Thank you for your help so far, but Ima bout to tear my hair out! :blush:

Still receiving this warning when I open finished file

  • C:\Users\Diane\Desktop\ASea.sifz::172: Layer ‘import’ rejected value for parameter ‘filename’
  • C:\Users\Diane\Desktop\ASea.sifz::11745: Layer ‘import’ rejected value for parameter ‘filename’
  • C:\Users\Diane\Desktop\ASea.sifz::11780: Layer ‘import’ rejected value for parameter ‘filename’
  • C:\Users\Diane\Desktop\ASea.sifz::13275: Layer ‘import’ rejected value for parameter ‘filename’
    ASea.sifz (37.5 KB)

I am confused as to why my animation works and have no difficulties with the origination of it (Located on my external memory stick) as long as I have it plugged in the file comes up just fine???

because Synfig Studio can not find the extention image files you imported:


To fix it, you have to place these images in the folder you stored at the time you create your animation.

You have to:

  1. Save the image files to the same place than the sifz file is.
  2. Edit the filename parameter for each image layer and locate the new one on the same folder than the sifz file is
  3. Save the sifz file again in that place.

Once done the filenames paths of the image layers should be found by Synfig Studio.
You need also to provide the image files to your teacher by copying them with the sifz file in the digital media you used to give him the animation.

It is possible that this behavior is different when using Windows operating system but I think that placing everything in the same folder should work.


Thank you soooo much for your support in sending my animation!! It was as simple as all files being in same folder (I should have thought of that one!)
but the rendering was highly complex for my rookie assignment. Gracias!
PS: I love this program!