finally …im done with the trailer ^^

Very (x3 times) good! Even if I don’t like the idea much (‘Bounty’ was much more interesting to me), it’s still great. Some critique:

Great stuff:

  1. Backgrounds. You never had any problems with it, feels very atmospheric.
  2. Dynamic animation is smooth and feels natural.
  3. Choice of music. Fits good with the animation.
  4. Lighting and shadowing is better than in ‘Bounty’ if I remember right.

What is not-so-great:

  1. Work with sound. I hear some noises and trash there in music… Well, music is good, yes, but quality of sound seems pretty bad. Maybe it’s just my sound card or something…
  2. Humans. I guess they’re supposed to be evil in this animation, but they look just terrible instead (especially the fat guy). I mean, even if they’re bad, you could at least draw them some human-standard parts, like nose, mouth, pupils, etc :wink:

Narrative text seems good to me, though I am not good with English too :frowning:

P.S. Keep up the good work! I always enjoy watching your animations.

Just want to say … .a big [size=150]Bravo[/size] ! keep it up … for me it’s on the top five synfig’s work i’have saw .

I agree with Svarov on the sound comment … lack of deepness and too much high frequencies, maybe compression problems ?

Nota : if you want frenchglish narrative voice i can give a try :wink:

@Svarov oh great thanks for noticing,…much-appreciated ^^,

bounty is still on the go tho, and this movie is just short ,anyways thank you so much for the critiques

  1. that sound problem, I agree with the sound deepness issues…any suggestions to fix it?.

  2. as for the humans, I had to remove those features so that they would appear as if they had no idea what they have done.

cheers! ^^

Absolutely outstanding in animation terms.

sure! you can try!..would love to hear the result…pls do ^^