tooltips spelling/wording

I saw that the tooltips are not so well in formatting. for example:

Nex KeyFrame vs All Keyframes Locked.

I prefer something like this:Next keyframe and All keyframes locked

what do you think?

I use to write with starting capital letter those keywords that are elements of Synfig Studio: Canvas, Layer, KeyFrame, ValueNode, Action, Dockable, Panel. Sometimes I use the same name than the class itself. There is not rule for that on the translation strings. Maybe it could be good to write down some simple rules. In any case the word “Locked” must be written as “locked”.
Please add a patch where you consider it needed. Thanks!

I think we can take Gnome HIG or Apple OSX HIG as references:

In OSX HIG, they are called HELP TAGs:

Agreed. Although capitalizing the key words may be good, the more we comply to the HIG standards, the better for everyone.
Both the capitalization sections of the GNOME HIG and Apple OSX HIG agree on sentence capitalization for tooltips.

you have right,its not done very well :unamused: