toolbox dissapeared

Where is the “toolbox menu”? I closed all my windows and can’t remember how to restore them. I did a forum search and it said use this menu I can’t find! lol

The synfig doc wiki is quite a good ressource for synfig documentation :wink:
If you don’t find what you’r looking for browsing the wiki,
you have also there a search box… can done miraculous things in some case…


nota :

Gee… thanks!.. :confused:

You didn’t even read my message. It says I did a forum search, and given that I have more than 90 posts, it’s pretty likely I’ve seen the wiki, wouldn’t you think? I also said I FORGOT how to reopen them, so pretty good chance I used that menu before… no :wink:

My toolbox doesn’t show any menus on it. I just started using Ubuntu if that makes a difference.

In Ubuntu:

  1. Make sure you have Toolbox winodw active (i.e. click toolbox window)
  2. You have a panel at the very top of your screen. Hover your mouse there - a menu will appear. This is Mac-like behaviour - all menus for all applications are in the top panel now in Ubuntu.

AH! thank you! I knew that menus where in the “title bar” (don’t know the name) but I wasn’t able to get the toolbox to maximize so I can access them.

Things like this are what I imagine makes life hard for developers cross-platform!

Thanks a lot for all your work.


Dears michael , i don’t want to enter in a troll like discussion, but,

first, english ( has for others compa’ here ) is not my first language, so yes i can do errors/misunderstood, don’t blame me for that,
second, Zelgadis was very intuitive discovering that you run on Unity without any indication about your computer/system information …
third, my goal was to try “help” you about your problem not the opposite


“Zelgadis was very intuitive discovering that you run on Unity without any indication”

He would have been, if I didn’t mention it. I mentioned in in my reply to YOURSELF… which I guess you didn’t read either? This isn’t about language, man. That is twice you made replies to me without even reading my comment. I understand that you want to help people, but to help you have to know what people are asking… If you can write a sentence like the one I quoted above, don’t complain about your english.

I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but people will appreciate that help if you show you read the things they take time to write.

So, whatever,


Michael, you didn’t. You said you just started using ubuntu, nothing about version or desktop. For help we would need that. Please be polite and
don’t add questions in other threads where they are off topic.