Tips for faster rendering of handles?

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve last been on, but I want to say I am very pleased with the new release of Synfig! The bones are very easy to use.

I have a question regarding paths with a lot of handles: are there any rendering settings that might help speed up their display? Turning off tangent handles, for example, helps a lot, but there are times where I still need to access a number of them. I also tried lowering the image resolution, but the base image already renders very quickly. I noticed that I still have significant slowdown even if I turn off the vertex handles: is the path outline the biggest culprit?

I am curious about the time it takes to display these overlaid objects, because when I use bones, the display renders very quickly, factoring any handles in the path very quickly: however, when I attempt to tweak the handles afterward, I receive a lot of slow-down due to having to display them. Is it because each node must handle events?

Any tips for potentially speeding up rendering are appreciated: easy way to “chop up” the path, etc.?

Do you really need to animate those hundreds of handles?
I mean, if you need to deform those hundred of handles, you’ll have troubles anyway. If you just move them as a solid rigid, then link them to a bone and move the bone, or maybe place it under a Group and use the group handles.
Usually, hundred of handles come from imported artwork. My advice is that you should draw your artwork directly in Synfig. You’ll get less handles for sure.

I have a lot of handles because Inkscape has an excellent tool for tracing bitmaps with an efficient number of vertices: I can do more typcal linework in a rasterized image editor, then trace the bitmap for a detailed, quickly drawn image. You can’t tell the difference between the original linework and the vectorized one!

The image is a human with about 50 or so vertices per limb, and assigning them to the bones was manageable using selection boxes. The bones indeed worked very quickly, it was just when I had to tweak a few vertices during the animating phase where things froze for quite some time.

I like the suggestion of making a group of handles. I didn’t know that was possible. I’ll try it later today, and if I have trouble I could always use special “tweaking” bones instead.

Thanks for your help!