Timeloop issue, Character walking cycle isn’t fluid

Hello I am quite new to synfig, I have downloaded the software and I have also downloaded Synfig course which I followed step by step. All good up until walk cycle. When I tried (several times ) to create a time loop layer, the loop isn’t fluid, the walking pattern of the character isn’t fluid and I don’t understand why. I have tried with 2 different characters and it’s the same. Can you help?

Do you mean your character feet don’t stick to the ground but go beyond while changing from one extreme pose to another?

I meant that the character walking cycle once put into a time loop seems to walk forward and jumped back, but maybe I think I have found the issue because before adding a time loop layer I hadn’t moved the character in place. Might it be the reason?

I learned the same tutorial a few years back. Had to look it up again to see what you meant. That loop walk cycle video seems complicated to me now LOL.

The easier way I do walk cycle is to just loop the character (static walking) and move the environment instead :slight_smile:

Sorry, I can’t help much. Maybe, someone can.

You are absolutely right I think in fact (after having tried several times) that it’s better to create a walk cycle on the spot and moving the background as you have just said, but as I am new and I am still learning I didn’t know ?:slight_smile: thank you for your feedback!

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One important thing is to use keyframes and duplicate the first one as the last one and time loop this time interval.

Thank you, I have done that I think even though now I have 2 characters, I managed to fix a walk cycle of the first one but for the second I am using another method. The character is walking on the spot instead of moving one side to another. I also have a question about exporting these time loops. If I need to export a 15 seconds scene, how do I do that?