Time Warrior

Hi everyone. I am working on a new…wait… I am working on a project. I’ve been working on it a little over a year actually. The thing I’m working on is called Time Warrior (for now at least). I’ve started almost had a scene done, and everything was layed out, but I hated the way it looked, so i scrapped it and started over…Well that, and I couldn’t use Synfig properly. It looked something like the attachment below.

Anyway! I’ve restarted it again, and touched up on the plot of the whole thing. The plot is kinda rough atm so I’m going to flesh it out, so I’m not going to reveal it yet. It follows a general direction though. I’m planning on making it in episodes.

The first episode script is already done, but I need voice acters so that I can sync everything before I start animating. I’ve done some of it, but I can’t continue for a while because of the dentist…short story. Anyway, Its a long episode, and it’s probably going to be around 15-20 mins if i stay committed to it.

I also need to draw out the rest of my characters on the computer. some are drawn on paper, but I’d feel comfortable with them all on the comp.

Alot of work has been done, but I still need alot more to go! If your interested in my progress, I have a website that I update at least once a month to tell you about my progress.

Wish me luck!

Edit: throw-upstudios.99k.org is the website. Sorry about that


hummm…is it me or you forgot to mention the site direction ?
Anyway, wish you good animatics times with synfig…


:blush: I messed up. I forgot to mention that. Thanks for pointing that out.

Here is the second protagonist. This one came out a little better.

I’m only going to bother this thread 2 more times…unless I get some feedback :wink:. I’m planning on posting the scenery after I get all of my characters drawn out for the first episode. The one in the first post is dated, and I need to recreate it anyway. It will be done in synfig. After that one, I’m planning on posting a snippet of this animation.

Hi Eric,
let me make a constructive critic here:
From the point of view of the character design they are OK. I would add a a front, side and 3/4 drawings of the head with more detailed definition.

The most hard part is the story and the starting point is the script and the storyboard. I remember the robots animation you made that had a good animatics. Since the warrior is a human character you need to work hard on the animatic because the human anatomy is well known by the viewer and each wrong pose or perspective would be noticed.

I hope that the backgrounds are as good as the ones from the robot animation, because this example is a little simple.

Anyway, it is a huge challenge to achieve this project because the characters are quite complex. Keep the goos work!

I like what i see in so far,I liked the second one more,also you can change the fonts if you want!
Hoping to see the final work! :slight_smile:

Good idea. When I get all of the chars drawn out for the first episode (at least 5) I’ll put em here too.

Thanks =) Hopefully I begin to start animating it sometime in january. I’ve been planning this about 2 years now.

Okay, here’s an update.

The name of it now is Ageless. The basic plot is to bring a former resident of Vigil (The protagonist city) back home to save it from destruction. But he doesn’t want to return because he feels they betrayed him. There is a back story to it, but I’m gonna save that until later.

Here is the Background of one of the shots in the first scene. Its an updated version. It was made with pencil and Synfig, with synfig being the final result. I had a hard time rendering this, so I don’t think i can do it this way anymore. The reason I make everything in synfig was because I wanted to animate the trees, shadows, clouds, in the background, but i could only manage to do the clouds and water sparkles. I haven’t even added a character to this scene yet, so this means rendering will be really hard in the future. I think I will have to back down on some of the detail.

Later on today/tonight, I am going to upload a slideshow to youtube to show my progress.

What settings are you rendering at? That scene as it is doesn’t look so complicated as to take a really long time to render. Maybe old computer? Try rendering in smaller shots.

I do like this background much more than the first version. The reduced version of the thumbnail of the forum looks better to me than the actual size. Possibly the effect of depth of field is not needed. Try to use smaller thicknesses on the outlines. It could improve it.

Good work.

I know the quality was at 8, but the screen res was at 720p. The thing that I think it is are the graident settings, gradenents, and that 1 blur. This computer is only 1 year old with 8gb of ram. I’m gonna leave the file here so you guys can mess with it.

The blur is the thing that is probably causing the slow render. I remember before that it caused alot of slowdown in rendering. Thanks for the tip about the thick lines. I didn’t notice how thick they are until now. I’m going to update that in a few minutes.

Edit: thinned the lines, and now just uploaded the source file

Okay, here is what I’ve finished so far. Don’t forget to read the description!
Reyon Path.sifz (40.7 KB)

I wish you lot of luck to keep thus project alive.
~ G

Okay Okay Okay, this is the last time I am posting about this in the WIP :unamused:.

The title now is Ageless: Fall of Vigil.

Here is the storyboard of the first scene.
youtube.com/watch?v=bnXyTdkI … e=youtu.be

The next time I post about this is when it is done!

Dude! The storyboard alone is great! It means that the animation will success!
Looking forward to see it traced and animated.

That’s a demanding storyboard! I’m looking forward to see your animation in the “Finished works” page. :wink:

Thanks alot! :slight_smile:

Okay, here is the second scene of the pilot episode of Ageless: Fall of Vigil. (storyboard)


This is the farthest I can show you (to my dispair) without giving too many spoilers away. my next preview, I would like to show a short snippet of the first scene colored.

This might take a year or longer to finish alone lol. I’m not complaining. I love creativity.

Good luck and keep up good work!

Thanks and thanks!