time loop usage

Hi there,

I just did some tests with a bouncing ball.

for to get the ball bouncing and moving from left to right I created …

  • just one sequence of the ball dropping and jumping up again (24 frames, 1 sec.)
  • then added a time loop layer and
  • then moved that part (ball + time loop) in the longer animation (5 sec.) from left to right.

Everything went fine.

I just had 2 effects that puzzled me a bit…

  • the animation trace of the ball only shows the one move instead of the repeated move
  • when I select the ball and move to a time later than the 1st second (so into the repeated / looped part) the outline stay on top while the circle layer moves up and down

The sifz: jumping_ball_en.sifz (2.18 KB)
The rendered gif: jumping_ball_en.gif

Is that “works as designed” or is it planned to handle it differently?
I would appreciate to see the movement on the animation trace and have the outline folllow the circle layer during time loops.

I did the bouncing just by using basic synfig features, no parameter twisting.
Could add this to the bouncing ball tutorial one day if you like.
Do you?

Don’t think more, they are bugs.

Genete, I’m not used to the new bug tracker yet, and I haven’t found this there already.
Shall I report this, is it there already or will you?

Please try to report the bug in new tracker. I don’t remember it reporter and if it were the case, we could merge together easily. Also your sample file is good for playing with the bug for the time I t were worked on.

issue #318

First one is NOT a bug. Animation graph in curves panel shows no cycle - this is intended behaviour.

Second one IS a bug.

okay, thx, added my 2 cents in the bug tracker…