Time-loop: can it do this?

I think it’s the right way of the timeloop.

This way you can animate with constant tween the params of the timeloop to mix the animations.

If you check the test.sif in the assets of the dev branch of the sifplayer you will see that it changes the animation as it was supposed to animate.

local time is the offset in the main timeline. So if you wand a loop to have a start at 2s you just have to add the local time to 2s.

Perhaps a complete overhaul of the time loop would be preferable? It is very confusing right now, switcvhing a few values may add to confusion but hardly make it any less confusing.
Perhaps a whole new concept is needed? Scrap the current time loop layers, creating a new loop function?

My intention is to revisit completely the concept of time loop by writing a draft to be discussed here. Then refurbish the current Time Loop layer to act according the new agreed logic.

For backward compatibility, (even buggy) old files should open and should animate as expected. That’s my humble opinion on this.

Maybe, rewrite the time loop layer as a new time loop layer and hide the old one might be a solution too and only use the old one when opening old files.

In any case a concept discussion is needed. We need to talk the same language when discussing if there is a bug or not.

This is a draft of the concept of the Time Loop layer:
(needs a Google account to open it)
docs.google.com/file/d/0Bx8g_H3 … sp=sharing

Is it needed more or less features?
Is that what we expect from a time loop layer?

Nice work Genete.

It’s allright for the timeloop layer.

Edit: Maybe we need a new_length param so we can scale the loop. For example duration = 30f , new_length = 20 f… and it will play the loop faster by 10f.

I don’t have a Conceptboard license :frowning:

Go to Google>Drive>Create New>Connect More Applications (at the bottom of the drop down menu) and search for “conceptboard”.
Anyway, the posted image is exactly the same that you could see there.

can i move this post to sub forum feature discussions ?


look like for me

More features could be:

  • Reverse mode aka “back to future” <-- A bool parameter is “easy” to animate / don’t affect sign of duration
  • No linear time loop aka “curved time” <-- Time is not rigid

ANOTHER EDIT - I could, now i can’t reproduce the behavior -END ANOTHER EDIT
My system do not like at all sifzs present in this thread (TimeLoopExample_3.sifz & TimeLoopExample_Yeee.sifz
They nearfully block my system (but the mouse still alive) when i click on “Seek to next frame” (playing it cause no problem) – xu 12.04 / k 3.2.0-39-generic / xfce 4.10 / synfig 0.63.05 Revision: 20130217 /
And You ? ([size=150]take care[/size] this can block all the system !!!)


It doesn’t crash or freeze and “Seek to next frame” works fine here:
Windows XP 32 bits Synfig 0.63.05 official build.

The issue is fixed now - https://github.com/synfig/synfig/pull/1258

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