Thing I'm sure should not be

So…just downloaded this program and wanted to check it out and fool around a bit before starting a project.
Here’s the problem, which might not be a problem. . .anyways.

Starting the program that black html code window that runs the whole thing (recognized from when large scale progs like word start up) just pops out like another window.
Now normally this should Go Away when the actual things starts up right? It does not.
Closing this window causes a crash.
Do I have to learn to accept this (minimizing and forgetting about) or is this fixeable?

Worth to mention might be that I’m operating in Win7.

Nope. It’s meant to stay there. Just minimize it and forget about it (or let us know what it says if there are any problems running Synfig).

Oh, how unusual. Well just so I know there’s nothing wrong.