"There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive H:"

OS: Win 10
Synfig Build: Developer 1.3.4

Hello everyone,

I couldn’t find the above error listed anywhere in these forums (how do you do an EXACT search?)

When I go File -> Open or File -> Render -> Choose, Synfig first searches USB locations with no USB stick inserted. The above message comes up and I have to cancel multiple times before I can go to my documents folder or desktop.

Any help appreciated.



you can mofify c:\Users<yourUserName>\Synfig\settings-1.0, parameter pref.animation_dir :wink:

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Windows 10 again
Synfig Studio 1.2.2 64-bit

Same issue with File > Import or File > Open, and Synfig rotates through four or five drives three or four times saying to insert media or close the disk drive door.

Solution above doesn’t help my case but I hadn’t wanted to start a new topic since it’s the same symptom!

This issue is solved in latest development version of Synfig (1.3.11) -

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