The Empire is Overpowered

Here’s my first proper animation I’ve made using Synfig.

I spent a little over a month making this because I can only animate a little bit each morning. The most difficult part was making the warp effect on the Rebel Corvette look believable. Did I succeed? I also heard from a friend that the music isn’t entirely fitting, but I was too lazy to look for a new song :laughing:.

I used Synfig exclusively for the graphics and animation and Ardour4 for looping the music at a certain point. The majority of this was drawn with a Huion H610 Pro pad tablet on Linux.

All in all, I’ve had a very enjoyable time using Synfig Studio! What do you think of the animation? What did I do well? What didn’t I do well?

Thanks for taking a look!

Hey, you’re not bad.
I like the warp effect and design of the ships. It’s based on the ‘Star Wars’ universe, isn’t? It was so long since I watched those movies.

The music is definitely unfitting. You know what music would fit perfectly? starts singing Pam-pam-pam-pam-param-pam-param… All right, I am sorry.

And the beam fire looked so weird… The ship was facing the wrong side, but then fired at a huge angle. Unexpected.

P.S. Subscribed to your channel.

Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Yes, it is based off Star Wars. Come to think of it, I should probably mention that somewhere haha. I’ll update the video description.

You’re totally right about the music, I missed a perfect opportunity to use that song! I’ve never been very good at finding fitting music to go along with my animations.

The ship shooting the laser, the Eclipse, isn’t in any of the movies, but it is from a video game I like. It has something called an “axial superlazer”, kind of like the second Death Star. Here’s a video of what the laser is supposed to like like (I did not make this video):

I’ll admit, my animation of it does look fairly weird. I may not have done a great job of duplicating the effect.